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Weather Stations

Picture of Weather Stations

Specification Highlights

NetCam SC Compatible Weather Module
  • Plugs directly into any NetCam SC series camera
  • On screen overlay of live weather information
  • Adds more value to your security footage
  • Temperature Reading: Degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit
  • Barometric Pressure Reading: hPa/inHg/mmHg
  • Humidity • Humidity Percentage Reading
  • No moving parts - solid state device
Price: £129.00



• Automatically uploads multi-megapixel Weather shots
• Operates in -20 to +122 F, without heater or fan
• Available in 1, 3 and 5 Megapixel Resolution
• Optional Weather Module Available

Typical Applications

• Remote Airport Monitoring
• Transport (Road & Rail networks) monitoring
• Environmental e.g. Rivers
• Ski Resort Monitoring

Detailed Specification Document

 Compact Weather Station