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MCLDC Channel receiver

Picture of MCLDC Channel receiver

Specification Highlights

Four (4) Channel Receiver | ONVIF/Dual Stream
  • Part Number: SDHMSRV4
  • Increases Bandwidth Efficiency with H.264 Streaming
  • Four (4) Channel MCLDC receiver
  • Retrofit megapixel cameras into a legacy analog installation
  • Long distance data transmission via coaxial
  • 12VDC Power
  • 1 x Coax input
  • ONVIF Compliant

MCLDC Channel receiver


Price: £249.00



StarDot NetCam SCM Channel Receiver allows four (4) NetCam SCM cameras to be connected via coaxial cabling. The onvif complaint channel receiver will deliver industry standard RTSP H.264 stream to your choice of NVR. Total of four (4) cameras can be connected within the coaxial cabling. Expandable up to 16 cameras with 4 channel receivers, total combined distance can be up to 1000 feet without repeaters or any other special equipment. With various connection topologies, connect the same as traditional CCTV (one to one), or daisy chainable topology, or ring topology for redundancy - all three method allows flexibility in your new installation or existing retro-fit surveillance project, using coaxial cabling. It is just like your home digital television, multiple channels delivered with single home-run cable back to the channel receiver for HD1080 and beyond HD Megapixel video quality.

Detailed Specifications


• Number of Channels: 4
• Coax Connector Type: 1 x 1.0/2.3 DIN female 75ohm
• Power: 12VDC
• Network: RJ45 10/100 Network Connection

Data Transmission

• H.264: Up to 30fps
•ONVIF 2.0: Yes
• Transfer Protocols: RTSP


• Power Requirements: 12VDC
• Cable Impedance: 75ohm
• Coax Data Throughput: Rated at 100 Mbps Full Duplex (200Mbps total up + down)


• Dimensions: 4.2”W (106.6mm) 1.8”H (45.7mm) 5”L (127mm)
• Weight: 10 Ounces (283 grams)
• EMI Approval: FCC Class A, CE (EN55024)

Coaxial Cable Compatibility

Type Gauge / Core Type Max Distance
RG59 23 / Copper or Copper clad steel 150-200m / 500/600ft
RG59 20 / Copper 270-300m / 900-1000ft
RG6 18 / Copper 400-500m / 1300-1600ft
Cable Impedance 75ohm  
Coax Data Throughput Rated at 100 Mbps Full Duplex (200Mbps total up + down)