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StarDot Express 2 Video Server

Picture of StarDot Express 2 Video Server
ICU Technologies provides an affordable solution for monitoring multiple cameras over the Internet and local area networks. The StarDot Express 2 Video Server is a small standalone server that converts analog video signals to compressed digital video streams for up to two video sources. The Express 2 includes multiple network connections and an MPEG/JPEG processor for streaming realtime video.
Price: £349.00


Detailed Product Specs

Two-port standalone streaming video server with built-in web server.

Max FPS with 1 camera - 30 FPS

Max FPS with 2 cameras - 5 FPS

Model: SDEXP2

  • Cost-effective and superior video encoding
  • Choice of  Single video input with looping output,Two video inputs,Single S-Video input
  • Perfect tool to transition from analog CCTV to IP video
  • View and configure with any graphical web browser
  • Automatically archives images to remote server or NVR
  • IP-addressable, built-in web server
  • Excellent tool for surveillance

Technical Specifications

  • Industry Standard JPEG, M-JPEG Image Compression
  • Frame Rate: 1 x 30 FPS at D1 Resolution or 2 x 5 FPS at D1 Resolution
  • NTSC: 704x480, 352x240, 176x120 Resolution / PAL: 704x576, 352x288, 172x144 Resolution
  •  Adaptive 2/4-line comb filter for two dimensional chrominance/luminance separation resulting in increased luminance and chrominance bandwidth for all PAL and NTSC standards as well as reduced cross color and cross luminance artifacts
  • Operating System:uClinux
  • Built-in Web Server, Telnet Server, Email Client and FTP Client
  • Supported protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, DHCP, PING, TELNET, DAYTIME, NTP, SMB, NFS
  • Buffer up to 200 pre- and post-alarm images (based on I/O triggered event)
  • Security: Separate password-protected user accounts for configuring the server and viewing images,
    additional viewer accounts can be added


  • Option 1: 1 x Composite Video at 30 FPS D1 with looping output
  • Option 2: 2 x Composite Video at 5 FPS
  • Option 3: 1 x S-Video at 30 FPS D1
  • 1 x 100-baseT Ethernet
  • 1 x Digital Alarm Input, 1 x Relay


  • Dimensions: 3.54” W (90 mm) x 1.7” H (43 mm) x 5.63” D (143 mm)
  • Weight: 15 oz (425 grams)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40° to +120° F (-40° to +50° C)
  • Power Requirements: 12VDC 1A
  • EMI Approval: FCC Class A, CE (EN55024/1998, EN5022/1998)